JDC Energy

JDC Energy Services, LLC (“JDC”) is an affiliate of DCO Energy, LLC (“DCO”) and Joseph Jingoli and Son, Inc. (“JJS). JDC combines its proven energy efficiency expertise (from its Tozour Energy Services’ roots) with the supply side experience of DCO Energy and the construction management capabilities of JJS. We offer these coordinated services to ensure clients have cost-justified projects that are as economically energy efficient as possible.

As an energy engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”) firm and Pay for Performance (P4P) Partner, JDC helps our public and private clients “self-fund” energy-efficiency projects without upfront capital expenditures. Our ability to identify energy and operational savings in combination with a variety of incentive programs cover the costs for enhancements to your building Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and lighting systems.

Using our unique combination of demand-side, supply-side and construction management expertise helps ensure that our clients receive more measurable value on their investments in upgrading their facilities’ infrastructures. Our clients include commercial, public, K-12, healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, gaming, industrial and pharmaceutical entities.